27th International Conference on Text, Speech and Dialogue
TSD 2024, Brno, Czech Republic, September 9–13 2024
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Information for Potential Conference Sponsors

Conference Sponsorship

In September 2024 the international conference Text, Speech and Dialogue - TSD 2024 is being held in Brno, Czech Republic. The conference focuses on all that is new in artificial intelligence such as natural language processing, speech processing and human-computer communication and interaction. In its field, this conference is a special event attracting about 100 experts from 30 countries from around the world every year. The fact that the conference proceedings are published by Springer-Verlag in its series of Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence further attests to the international prestige of the conference.

The original aim of the TSD conference in 1990s was to open the possibility for young scientists to meet and publish in respectable scientific proceedings. To be able to fulfil this goal, we welcome any sponsoring activity of the conference.

The sponsorship can take various forms. One possibility is the payment of one or more industrial conference fees of CZK 30,000 (approximately EUR 1,250). This includes the right:

  • to link to sponsor's web page at the main conference page,
  • of an acknowledgement in the Springer proceedings,
  • to present the sponsor's products within the demonstration session of the conference,
  • the possibility to organize a satellite workshop
  • sponsor's advertising panel in the conference room, and
  • the name and logo of the sponsor on the conference web pages.
Payment of more than one of these fees ensures a preferential position (Gold/Silver sponsor). Sponsorship can also take the form of advertising materials suitable to be included in the conference package (pens, writing-pads, bags etc.). If you are interested in the conference sponsorship, please contact the organizing committee at the e-mail tsd2024@tsdconference.org.
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